RECENT IMAGES portfolio Recent studies in Still Life DEVON & THE SOUTHWEST portfolio Devon and Cornwall - seascapes, landscapes and gardens
SURFING portfolio Surfing in the British Isles and Europe THE BRITISH ISLES portfolio Landscapes and seascapes of the British Isles
TRAVEL PORTRAITS portfolio Dogon elders, Indian Saddhus, Saharan Tuareg, Buddhist monks, Turkana tribeswomen, Lalibelan pilgrims .... faces from around the world. INDIA portfolio From Himachel Pradesh and Kashmir in the north, Kerala and Tamil Nadu in the south, Karnataka and Goa in the west and the Andaman Islands in the far east.
THE FAR EAST portfolio Burma, Bali, Java, Lombok, Borneo, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaya, Thailand .... AFRICA portfolio Africa North, South, East and West .... Ethiopia, Zanzibar, Mali, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Tanzania, Tunisia, Mozambique, South Africa, Morocco....
EUROPE portfolio Trips through Portugal, Spain and France .... STILL LIFE portfolio The retired quiet .... Tenebrismo images and more
SYRIA & TURKEY portfolio Istanbul, Central and Southern Turkey and a trip through Syria before the troubles A TRAVEL MISCELLANY portfolio Destinations that didn't find their way in to the other portfolios including Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, Australia, Sri Lanka, California, New York, Venice ....
THE NATURAL WORLD portfolio All things .... flowers, birds, beasts .... COMMISSIONED AND COMMERCIAL portfolio A selection of commissioned images
DIGITAL ART portfolio A selection of digitally manipulated images, mostly landscapes